Systems genetics: a synthesis of genetics, genomics and phenomics

Systems genetics is born out of a synthesis of multiple fields: it integrates approaches of genetics, genomics, and "phenomics", that is our increased ability to get quantitative and detailed measurements on a broad spectrum of phenotypes.

Systems Genetics

Tumors are ideal objects of systems genetic analyses, because they contain many different genotypes, many different cellular phenotypes, ongoing clonal evolution, interactions with the organismal environment and between the cells within the tumour micro-environment. These interactions influence disease progression and outcome as well as the development of metastases and are of key importance for treatment decisions.

Together we will define the main unanswered questions in the field and identify the next key challenges: Which (computational or experimental) developments will drive the field forward in the next years?

The workshop will centre around five key areas:

  1. Measuring and quantifying tumour heterogeneity
  2. Inferring the evolutionary history of tumours
  3. Identifying driver events of carcinogenesis
  4. New algorithms for new technologies
  5. Linking somatic mutations to phenotypes


Programme [PDF]


Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.

Confirmed participants:

Andrew Adey
Laura Heiser
Paul Spellman
Young Hwan Chang
Jamie Blundell
Ivana Bozic
Christina Curtis
Vanessa Dumeaux
Trey Ideker
Quaid Morris
Nicholas Navin
Elli Papaemmanuil
Christine Sers
Gergely Szöllősy
Peter Van Loo
Wenyi Wang
Paul Boutros
Allen Zhang
Ozgun Babur



The workshop will be held at OHSU Collaborative Life Science Building, a 4 minute walk from the Hyatt House hotel.


Hyatt House
2080 SW River Drive
Portland, Oregon, USA, 97201


Oregon Health and Science University

Date and venue

11-13 June 2018
OHSU Collaborative Life Science Building
2730 S.W. Moody Ave.
Portland, OR 97201- 5042
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This workshop is funded by CEDAR, The Knight Cancer Institute’s Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center


Hyatt House
2080 SW River Drive
Portland, Oregon, USA, 97201


Participants organize their travel to the venue.


Paul Spellman
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Peter Van Loo
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Florian Markowetz


Stephanie Torres
Scientific Events Manager, Knight Cancer Institute

Casey Conrad
PA of Paul Spellman