Systems genetics: a synthesis of genetics, genomics and phenomics

Systems genetics is born out of a synthesis of multiple fields: it integrates approaches of genetics, genomics, and "phenomics", that is our increased ability to get quantitative and detailed measurements on a broad spectrum of phenotypes.

Systems Genetics

Tumors are ideal objects of systems genetic analyses, because they contain many different genotypes, many different cellular phenotypes, ongoing clonal evolution, interactions with the organismal environment and between the cells within the tumour micro-environment. These interactions influence disease progression and outcome as well as the development of metastases and are of key importance for treatment decisions.

Together we will define the main unanswered questions in the field and identify the next key challenges: Which (computational or experimental) developments will drive the field forward in the next years?


Final programme [PDF]


Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.

Confirmed participants include:

Antal, Tibor Univ of Edinburgh UK
Boutros, Paul OICR CA
Curtis, Christina Stanford US
Gerstung, Moritz EBI UK
Graham, Trevor Barts Cancer Institute, London UK
Greenman, Christopher University of East Anglia UK
Khurana, Ekta Cornell US
Lingjaerde, Ole Christian Oslo University NO
Markowetz, Florian CRUK CI UK
Martincorena, Inigo WT Sanger Institute UK
Morris, Quaid University of Toronto CA
Reimand, Juri OICR Toronto CA
Schwarz, Roland BIMSB, Berlin DE
Sers, Christine Charite, Berlin DE
Shah, Sobrab BCCA, Vancouver CA
Sottoriva, Andrea ICR, London UK
Spellman, Paul OHSU US
Taipale, Jussi Karolinska Institute SE
Van Loo, Peter The Francis Crick Institute UK
Vermeulen, Louis Amsterdam Medical Center NL
Voet, Thierry KU Leuven BE
Wedge, David University of Oxford UK
Yuan, Ke University of Glasgow UK



The workshop will be held at Lucy Cavendish College, Lady Margaret Road, Cambridge, CB3 0BU, UK. Telephone: + 44 (0)1223 332 181

The closest airport is London Stansted, from where Cambridge can easily be reached by train (30min) or bus (50min). From the train or bus station it is quick cab ride to Lucy Cavendish College. Further directions can be found here or in this map:

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The organizers offer rooms for all participants. However, we will not be able to contribute towards your travel costs.


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Date and venue

12-14 Sept 2016
Lucy Cavendish College
Cambridge, UK
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The organizers offer single rooms at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, for three nights (Sun evening - Wed morning).


Participants organize their travel to Cambridge. We recommend to come in on Sunday evening and travel back on Wednesday afternoon/evening.
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Peter Van Loo
Crick webpage

Florian Markowetz


Tania Smith