Skills you will need to succeed in science

.. but that often no one bothered to teach you. This page contains a collection of links on non-technical scientific skills. I don't want to call them 'soft skills' since many of them (building up a good group, giving clear presentations) are actually quite hard!

The following materials are all short and all worth having a look into.





Reviews and rebuttals

Philosophy of science

Not hard-core philosophy, rather a general big-picture view of what we are doing when we do science. For example: Is more always better, or should we rather have a hypothesis now and then?

Background reading

We are working in a diverse field. Here are some recommendations on what to read. In Biology:

And in statistics: The first is an introduction, the other two are concise overviews of more advanced topics that form the basis of our daily work.

Get a life!

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Other resources