Collaboration partners

starring in alphabetical order

Partners at the CRUK Cambridge Institute

CRUKJames Brenton and his lab
Tumour heterogeneity in ovarian cancer
(contact in FMlab: Geoff Macintyre)
CRUKCarlos Caldas and his lab
Systems genetics of breast cancer
(contact in FMlab: Turid Torheim)
CRUKJason Carroll and his lab
Determinants of estrogen receptor binding dynamics
(contact in FMlab: Andrew Holding)
CRUKDuncan Jodrell and his lab
Genetic heterogeneity of pancreatic cancer
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)
CRUKBruce Ponder and his lab
Systems genetics in breast and lung cancer
(contact in FMlab: Hyunjin Kim)

Partners outside of CI

ETH BSSE Niko Beerenwinkel
ETH Zurich Dept of Biosystems Science and Engineering
Inferring clonal evolution in cancer
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)
Oslo University Hospital Hege Russnes
Oslo University Hospital
Quantification of single cell heterogeneity from IFISH images
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)
University of Oxford Shivan Sivakumar
University of Oxford, Dept of Oncology
Dissecting KRAS response
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)
Amsterdam Medical Center Louis Vermeulen
Amsterdam Medical Center
Colorectal cancer subtyping
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)
University of Leeds Heiko Wurdak
University of Leeds, Institute of Cancer & Pathology
Single cell genomics of stem cells in brain tumours
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)

Consortia and networks

ITN Contra ITN Contra
CONTRA is an EU funded Innovative Training Network
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)
ICGC pan-cancer analysis ICGC pan-cancer analysis
PAWG-11: Evolution and heterogenety
(contact in FMlab: Florian Markowetz)

Past consortia and networks

EpiGeneSys Associated Partner of EpiGeneSys
Epigenetics advancing towards systems biology
Epi-genetic determinants of Estrogen Receptor binding dynamics
CamMan Imaging Center Cancer Imaging Centre in Cambridge & Manchester
CRUK/EPSRC Centre of excellence in cancer imaging
Integrating radiology and pathology images with genomics


We are very thankful to all our funding sources (current and past), which include:

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