A guide for applicants

So you think we do cool stuff and want to be part of the team?

That's great, thank you very much for your interest in our lab.

But .. calm down! relax! .. before you send in an application, take a couple of minutes to read to the end of this page.

The lab is mostly computational and we are generally interested in people combining statistical and computational skills with a strong interest in biology and medicine.

Florian Markowetz receives inquiries about PhD or postdoc opportunities almost every day. Many of them are well written and he usually responds to them quickly. These positive examples have several features in common:

If your email follows these positive examples, there is a good chance you get a response. To increase your chances even further: put '[fmlab]' into the subject line of your email. This will ensure that you land in the right email folder.

And -very important!- always submit your application to the official Cambridge University job site at www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/.

And finally, in all correspondence please make sure to quote the reference number you found in the job advert.

Good Luck!

Florian Markowetz


Open positions

Open positions are announced here for this lab and here for the institute.